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Dance Therapy

Therapy doesn't have only one form. There are so many forms of effective therapy to promote better mental health, dance therapy being one of them. Dance therapy is a psychotherapeutic use of movement for emotional and physical well being. 

It is a very holistic approach towards psychotherapy and emphasises that the mind, body and soul are interconnected. It works on the premise that the changes in the body and mind reflect each other. Dance therapists observe individuals or even couples movements to analyse the mental integration of a person in a nonverbal manner. It can help deal with mental conditions like anxiety, depression and body image and self-esteem issues. 

Dance therapy is different from regular dancing. It is considered as a language to express their feelings, may it be conscious or unconscious. One does not have to be a good dancer to benefit from therapy, it is a safe way to understand your feelings and sensations. There are different interventions that target different issues. For example “mirroring” helps in developing empathy for an individual and “moving metaphors” helps the individual to express any adversities they are facing in their lives.

It is important to know that different forms of therapy benefit peoples differently. Some things may work for you and some may not. Thus, it is integral to find a form of therapy with which you feel safe and comfortable.