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Lockdown Mental Health Care Toolkit


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay at home. Isolating and disconnecting ourselves from the rest of the world is not easy. It takes a toll on your mental well being. Humans are social beings and quarantining at home for long periods of time is atypical for us. It is important to remember that everyone is experiencing something different during these turbulent times, whether it is mourning the loss of someone close to you or the feeling of being lost in a maze with nobody to help you out. So, here is a list of 5 tools that can help you keep your mental health in check!

Boost those endorphins!

Endorphins are your happy hormones that help relieve stress and pain. Low endorphin levels can leave you spiralling into negative emotions. The best and quickest way to boost your endorphins is by exercising. Take charge of your mood and reclaim the sense of control even during these undetermined times. Join an online workout class and get into the routine of staying active every day. There are millions of at-home workouts on Youtube to help you get fit physically and mentally get a friend to be your workout buddy to keep you motivated. Incorporate your hobbies with exercise, join an online dance class and dance those worries away

Check-in with yourself 

From the daily hustle to being stuck at home, allows you to unwind and check-in with yourself, something you may not have had time to do before. Take some time off from your screen and spend some time with yourself. Ask yourself questions to identify what you’re feeling and what you can do to feel better. No one knows you better than yourself. As they say, put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.

Talk about it

The anxiety and stress surrounding the threat and severity of the virus is overwhelming. Being isolated can lead to various mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, acute stress, etc. The pandemic has also caused a lot of strain on relationships, may it be with your significant other or your family. Inevitably, one will require emotional support and online therapy is an effective way of seeking help from the comfort of your home. The Mind Essentials is an affordable online therapy and counselling platform for any counselling related needs. Talking about your feelings and finding effective solutions to make you feel better is the way to go. So #LetsTalkAboutIt

Stay social [virtually!]

Not being able to see one’s friends and family can be difficult. We all need our daily dose of interaction with others. Make sure you stay in touch with your near and dear ones. Plan a weekly Netflix party with your friends and family Zoom meetings. Take this time to reignite an old friendship and keep each other entertained!

Learn something new

Always loved baking, cooking or reading but never got around to doing it? This is the ideal time to find new hobbies and interests. You may just find your new passion! There are numerous courses and tutorials on the internet to learn something new and hone your skills. So get busy!

Most importantly, have hope. Have hope in yourself that you will get through this difficult time and have hope that things will get better before you know it. Remember that you are not alone, and the feeling of uncertainty is something we all have in common.