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Our team

Aviva Damania is the founder of The Mind Essentials also a Psychologist – Mental Health Specialist, trained at City, University of London. She was awarded an EU Scholarship and a Health Science representation award. Aviva’s earliest experience of mental health counselling begun in 2014. Aviva has been featured in The Indian Express, MidDay, 94.3 RadioOne, Parsi Times, and on The City University of London’s page as a successful alumnus. She has been working with the Mumbai Police and Thane Police for counselling and training.



Mental Health Specialist

A vibrant and dynamic Counselling Psychologist with a Masters in Psychology, Diploma in Psychological Counselling and a certified in the Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist. She believes that the key to change is in the therapeutic relationship. It is the immense empathy and unconditional acceptance of the person with a non- judgmental stance that facilitates them to have the same kind of attitude towards themselves and others around them. It is also in reminding the person that they are human, which means understanding and accepting the many realities that touch a person.

Tanushuree OZA

Counsellor & Therapist

An open-minded Clinical Psychologist and Certified Therapist. She has experience working with individuals from age 10 to age 75 with very diverse backgrounds and has successfully counselled clients with a wide range of clinical issues eg. Anxiety, Depression etc. She has worked at hospitals such as Masina Hospital, Global Hospital and Balaji Hospital. She believes in creating a blend of therapeutic techniques suitable for the client to overcome challenges while consistently creating a safe and comfortable space for them. She truly believes “You have the power to heal your life”.

Ashwariya JAMB

Clinical Psychologist

A compassionate Counselling Psychologist & Life Skills Trainer. She completed her Masters in She stands for spreading awareness about mental health and contributes to being an advocate for the same. She has counselled numerous children, young adults, parents and international level sports players for concerns revolving around anxiety, depression, self esteem, performance enhancement, motivation, emotional & behavioural issues in children. She deeply believes in helping people to become the best versions of themselves through their lived experiences and adopts an eclectic approach to therapy.


Counsellor & Life Skills Trainer

An altruistic Counselling Psychologist with a Masters in Counselling Psychology and a certified CBT practitioner. A compassionate counsellor who provides a safe and non-judgemental space to the clients and helps them to emit their incoming emotions and thoughts without any barrier. She is empathetic, compassionate and helps people to discover new and helpful perceptions to deal with the challenges. She helps people with anxiety, depression, relationship/breakup issues, self esteem/confidence issues, emotional and motivational imbalances.

Tanya Agarwal

Counselling Psychologist

A skilled and qualified psychologist with with a Master's in Clinical psychology. She is committed to delivering client-centered support that gradually empowers individuals and enables them to make informed decisions. Her experience of being around young individuals acts as an added benefit to different trends of life. She endeavors to make the field of psychology less stigmatized and more accessible to individuals from different backgrounds and promote individual growth in a collective culture

Prachi Mishra

Counselling Psychologist

A psychologist with a masters in Clinical Psychology along with various specialisations such as relationships, parenting, and sexual dysfunctions. With vast experience in motivation building, habit coaching, dealing with burnout, anxiety, and depression. Using an eclectic approach, she recently has been surprised with the wonders that mindfulness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation have brought in. She truly believes that client initiative can bring meaningful changes.

Agnes James

Counselling Psychologist

A Psychologist and Career Counsellor with experience in the field of mental health and practice in hospitals, clinics and schools. She has worked with clients across all age groups as well as with families . and caregivers of people with mental and emotional concerns. Using multidisciplinary approach during the counselling sessions, she tries to curate personalised counselling tools and techniques that are best suited to the client's concerns

Hiral Sangoi

Psychologist & Career Counsellor