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The Mind Essentials Gift Card

The Mind Essentials Gift Card

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If you think therapy is an odd gift, think again...

Life for us all, is a rollercoaster of ups and downs. During the downs, it’s always good to have some support preferably from an impartial, trusted and trained professional. Therapy is for everyone, whether it’s to improve a mental health condition like anxiety or depression or perhaps even for support during life transitions, loosing loved ones, relationship problems. The Mind Essentials provides a range of programs and has a specialised counsellor for every need, anytime anywhere! What’s better than gifting your loved one a tool to address any problem they may have, for a happier life?

Here's how it works: 
Once you purchase and send a Mind Essentials gift card, your loved one will receive it via email with your special message. When they redeem the gift card, they’ll have range of programs  that they can chose from, after which they will be assigned a counsellor best suited for their needs. The recipient of your gift can start their way toward feeling happier and healthier right away! 

Therapy with The Mind Essentials has helped clients: 
# Feel happier and more at peace 
# Increase their overall productivity 
# Go from just surviving to thriving 
# Go from functional to optimal 
# Feel more capable of facing problems by themselves in healthier ways 
# Gain more control and power in their lives 

If you know someone who, like all of us, could benefit from a little extra support, The Mind Essentials Gift card is the perfect, most thoughtful gift.